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Brand new service!

Brand new, chat to others using text on your mobile phone.

This service can easily stopped anytime!
And cent for cent it's the best value around!


Brand new, chat to others by text using your mobile phone. No longer will you feel out of touch in a bar or club, or even just bored mid-week. Chat easily to like minded people. Just join the room relevant to where you are, or the room that sounds good to you!
To make the whole chat even more exciting and fun, we've thrown in special commands for chatters to use during their chat. Whether it's to change to another chatroom, send private messages to that lovely guy with a very interesting profile, or to just change your boring numeric nickname to something more catchy, you name it, we have it!


Step 1: Read & agree to the Terms & Conditions, and the Code of Conduct before using this service!

Terms & Conditions

By using GayText chat services you agree to be bound by GayText's Member/User conduct located under GayText's general Terms of Service, which you can find at
GayText does not endorse or take responsibility for any opinions expressed by you or for any content that may be considered objectionable to the user. We will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by you due to your use of GayText chat. You are solely responsible for your activities while using GayText chat and indemnify us against any claim resulting from your use of GayText chat which breach our terms. We ask you to please respect the wishes of the individual(s) who set-up this chat room for your use.
PLEASE BE AWARE: Sex chat with minors is an offense. GayText will work with relevant authorities to identify abusers.




Code of Conduct

This is the Code of Conduct for using this service.

Step 2: Set yourself up!

To set yourself up on gay chat you will want to create your nickname
& profile description first!

This is a once off thing & even if you completely end your chat session your
nickname & profile will be remembered. So the next time you join a room your details are there for others to see.

* You set up your nickname by texting:
gay nick nickname
to 53100
Your nickname can be up to 50 characters long
For example:
gay nick cheekyguy

* You set up your profile by texting:
gay profile profile
to 53100
Your profile can be up to 140 characters long
For example:
gay profile Fun fit guy looking for a relationship or friendship!

That's basically it...except

Remember the word gay has to be the first word in every text.
And all texts should be sent to 53100

To stop this service at anytime!

To stop this service text:
gay stop
to 53100
Remember your nickname & profile are remembered should you ever decide to return.
But obviously once you stop this service (using the method just given above) you are taken out of the service & there are no further charges.

NOTE: This universal stop command is in keeping with the guidelines issued by industry regulator ICSTIS (the Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services).