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Brand new service!

Brand new, chat to others using text on your mobile phone. Cent for cent the best value around.


You can use all the commands below, click here for a wallet sized version that you can print out & keep with you. Enjoy!

The text in blue is decided by you, the user!

gay message Start chatting join public room
gay listrooms List rooms in current room
gay listnicks List the nicknames of the chat users in the current room
gay roomname Get the name of the current room
gay nick Get your current nickname
gay nick nickname Set your nickname
gay profile Get your current profile i.e. Tall dark and handsome from Galway
gay profile profile Set your profile
gay whois nickname Get the profile of another chat user
gay private nickname message Send a private message to a specific chat user
gay barr nickname Barr a specific chat user from sending you messages
gay goto room Goto a specific room
gay goto room password Goto a specific password protected room
gay create room Create a new private room.

NOTE: this will not show up on the listrooms command.
So you need to tell people the room name you've created either through sending a PRIVATE text to certain people
OR you can send a normal text & tell everyone in your current room of the room name you're going to create.
gay create room password Create a new password protected room
NOTE: this will not show up on the LISTROOMS command. Only people who you've told the room name & password will be able to access this room.
gay menu List the menu commands
gay help Get general help for chat
gay help command Get specific help for a given chat command
gay out Leave the current room and return to the public room
gay stop Stop chatting & leave the service.